EDGY Changes The Conversation..

No matter what you call business growth — more sales, better marketing, ubiquitous public relations — it all depends on your ability to create a conversation that influences people to do what you want them to do. That’s what EDGY does.

There Is Always A Conversation Going On In Your Industry

Sometimes you get to listen in as the experts tell you what you should do. Other times you get invited to engage — to offer your insights. When you start to lead the conversation, you set the rules for growth and dominance in your industry.

Don’t be fooled though. Just because you are making lots of noise doesn’t mean that you are creating a conversation that will propel your business towards growth. Being loud isn’t the same as being EDGY.

Is Your Strategy Helping You Dominate?

…or just something that has you going through the motions? Explore the conversation map and take our EDGY Audit to find out where you stack up.


What does it mean to be EDGY?

Ultimately, being EDGY means having a conversation with your customers AND your employees.

An edgy conversation repositions your business in a way that gets noticed and builds customer loyalty. It’s part memorable behavior, part credibility, a lot of value, delivered with discipline and a system to measure what works and what doesn’t. And not just systems. The conversation pulls on the human levers to get attention and keep it.

Are you having the right conversations? Explore the conversation map below and take our EDGY Audit and find out.


TV is the perfect one-way messaging platform for your standard, run-of-the-mill televangelist. He’s got an extreme message alright, but dissenters be warned—there’s no place for your opinion in this fiery monologue.


We want to find out who you are and how to make you better. We will challenge your conventional thinking, up end the status quo, and help you redefine your ideas of what's possible.


It’s his job to force you out of that box you’ve made for yourself by talking through your issues with you.


It’s all about the memorable show and the unforgettable performance. Feel free to soak it all in and bask in her coolness; just don’t get too close.


This guy is all about talking—not with you, though; at you. He might pretend to have a “conversation,” but really he just wants to hear himself talk. Sure, his ideas might seem a little extreme, but only compared to the mainstream.


She’ll show you the world and get you thinking, but ultimately it’s up to you whether you join the conversation and develop your thinking about the world.

Reality TV Personality

This fame seeker is in it for himself. He vies for your attention with his made-for-TV, mainstream “edginess,” but really just makes you thankful for your good sense and judgment.


The queen of talk aims for conversation, but her medium limits her. And even her most challenging shows have to be daytime-TV friendly. What’s not to love about someone who will never force you to get off your couch?

Your Best Friend

Your rock. He’ll cover any topic with you, and always love you just the way you are. But since he loves you just the way you are, he might not always ignite the conversations that will help you get even better.


He wants your love and will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get it. He keeps his beliefs to himself unless he thinks you have the same belief -- and then you get a 'back slap' as part of the conversation. He talks the most to the people who are most like him. You kinda like him, but you're not sure if you can trust him.

Average Sales Guy

He knows his pitch and he thinks you have money. So he'll keep talking as long as what he says gets him closer to closing the deal. The conversation is about him and what he's selling. He might talk about the weather and the pictures on your desk, but it all comes down to money.


She loves you unconditionally. No matter how bad you screw up she reminds you that you're awesome. She doesn't scold you when you need it because she's just glad that you are there to spend time with her. It's all about love.


We want to help you change the rules with a better (edgier) conversation.

Contact UsWe'll challenge your conventional thinking, up end the status quo, and help you redefine your ideas of what's possible. You’ll get a conversation that delivers the right customers to your business. What does that mean? Only 10% of marketing emails get opened. About 0.01% get some sort of engagement. Our marketing emails get a personal response more than 50% of the time. That’s 50,000% better than what you are used to.

Imagine what you could do if you could change the conversation.